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Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm coming Home and Coming Out

after a year of endless wandering.
Finally, I'm coming home.
I love my Family and I really missed them in those days that I'm away and my mother often call me, asking me to go home. My family are belong to a Christian Sect, where my family are active members. and it is the main reason why I have to go away, "Because I stop believing the moment I start thinking".
I don't know if could tell them right away because i hate to disappoint my parents but sooner or later I have to live for what I believe and let them know it. But until then I'll just let the world know, instead, "I AM AN ATHEIST".


mangelnoah07 said...

curious lang poh... how does it feel like being an atheist? hinde ko kasi alam kung bakit o paano o anong dahilan... I've always wanted to meet one... or to talk to one... hello chrizx!!!

MrValdez said...

Takes a lot of courage and guts to publicly announce you're an atheist when you're living in a religious community.

(p.s. imho, you should have told your family first before you have said it on the net. I know its hard to do, but it's a sign of respect and it shows how mature you are in being an aetheist.

p.p.s. feel free to edit/delete this post kapag sa tingin mo mas magandang private lang itong reply ko. )

Good luck.

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