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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Filipinos' English is not good enough

"I don't like the idea at all,Their English is not good enough. You're dealing with a third world country where English is a second language and we're dealing with tapes that are not crystal clear." 
"We're dealing with a transcriber who may or may not know anything about legal proceedings and certainly can't pick up the phone... to get clarification as to what they might have said."

These controversial comment was allegedly made by Asst. Attorney General Benjamin Abrams during the Guam Board of Allied Health's meeting, where members discussed a proposal to outsource a transcription task to a transcriber in the Philippines.

A video clip containing those lines was posted in the video sharing site youtube and it will surely spark outrage from many filipinos especially Politicians. It is Also the subject of an ethics complaint that the Philippine Consulate General in Guam is preparing to file with the Guam Bar Association.

Source : Yahoo! News

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mytai01 said...

Yes, their English does suck.

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