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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things you should do in the Philippines - Ride A Jeepney

Sarao Jeepney

Visiting the Philippines is not complete without riding a Jeepney. Jeepney or PUJ (public utility vehicle) is the most popular public transportation in the Philippines, you can find a jeepney in every hi-way and public roads.

History of Jeepney

Jeepneys are a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II and are well known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating.
Leonardo Sarao was an enterprising cochero (calesa driver) who found work in an automotive bodybuilding and repair shop. The first Sarao Motors jeepney rolled out in 1953. Anastacio Francisco was a calesa painter who was later employed by Sarao, and who struck out on his own to found Francisco Motors. The earliest passenger jeepney is said to have been conceived, built, and driven in 1945 by Clodualdo Delfino, a musician-entertainer who needed to make a living immediately after liberation.

As American troops began to leave the Philippines at the end of World War II, hundreds of surplus jeeps were sold or given to local Filipinos. Locals stripped down the jeeps to accommodate several passengers, added metal roofs for shade, and decorated the vehicles with vibrant colors and bright chrome hood ornaments.

The jeepney rapidly emerged as a popular and creative way to reestablish inexpensive public transportation, which had been virtually destroyed during World War II. Recognizing the wide-spread use of these vehicles, the Philippine government began to place restrictions on their use. Drivers now must have specialized licenses, regular routes, and reasonably fixed fares.

Although the original jeepneys were simply refurbished military jeeps, modern jeepneys are now produced by independently owned factories within the Philippines.

How to ride a Jeepney
Instructions on how to ride a jeepney from http://www.ehow.com/how_5609877_ride-jeepney-philippines.html

For first time travelers to the country, here is a guide to help you ride a jeepney.



Things You'll Need:

  • Philippine peso coins
  1. Know your destination. This is very important so you won't get lost. Jeepneys have specific travel routes which can be identified on the vehicle's sign board or windshield. Drivers can only drop you off within these routes. If you are not sure how to get to a certain place, ask the driver, a fellow commuter, or a traffic policeman to help you get on the right jeepney.

  2. Video clip of a Jeepney from Paramore's Careful music video
    Check if you have loose change in Philippine pesos. You will use them to pay your fare. Hand only coins to make it easier to pay and get off the vehicle quickly. Paying in large bills for a small amount of fare usually causes delay. Some drivers and driver assistants (called "konduktors") don't have enough change to give back to the passengers, especially on the first trip.

  3. Look for a place with a "Jeepney Stop" sign. This is the authorized section for loading and unloading passengers. Wait for a jeepney with a sign board of the route you are heading. Once you see the vehicle in sight, wave your hand to the driver. Wait for the jeepney to slow down or stop.

  4. Get on the vehicle quickly and find an available spot to sit, either in front or at the back. A typical jeepney seats 14 or 16 passengers at the rear, plus two in front. If you get a seat in front, be ready to move any time to the back when the driver picks up a disabled passenger. Front seats are reserved for people with disability, but can be occupied in the meantime, when there's no disabled passenger in the vehicle.

  5. When you pick a back seat, you will be sitting on one the two opposite benches. Be prepared to touch shoulders or knees with the other passengers, especially during rush hours. Grab the metal bar overhead for support in case of unexpected turns.

  6. Pay your fare as soon as you get on the vehicle in order to avoid delays. Ask how much the current fare is. It changes from time to time. As of May 2008, the minimum jeepney fare is Php 8.00, plus Php 0.50 increase for the first four kilometers. Hand the coins to the "konduktor" or the driver if they are within arm's reach. If you sit far from them, pass the money to the passenger next to you, so he/she can pass it to the next, and so on until it reaches the appropriate person.

  7. Signal the driver to stop when you reach your destination. You can do this three ways. Use a coin to tap the metal bar above you. You can also pull the string on the jeepney's ceiling (if there's any). The simplest way is to say, "Para!", which literally means, "stop". As soon as the vehicle slowed down or stopped, say "Salamat" (thank you) and get off the jeepney immediately.

Hop On, Hop Off Jeepney tour for tourist

Electric Powered Jeepney
In Hop On, Hop Off, a passenger pays P300 for a whole day ride-all-you can trip, giving local and foreign tourists the convinience to do the rounds of the entertainment, shopping, cultural, historical spot. 

Reed more about Hop On, Hop Off Jeepney tour here http://www.travelsmart.net/article/10000282/


Anonymous said...

You have a nice blog. I was entertained.

Caerol said...

Great news for everyone: if you happen to visit Makati try to ride the e-jeep; it's free.

I hope there will be more e-jeep in the country. Its usage can lessen air and noise pollution, and promote healthy living of Filipinos.

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