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Monday, September 27, 2010

Inverted Philippines flag in US-Asean summit

 Is the Phillipines in a state of war?

The U.S. government said Sunday it made an "honest mistake" when it displayed an inverted Philippine flag — which wrongfully signified that the Southeast Asian nation was in a state of war — in a meeting hosted by President Barack Obama..
      The recent visit of President Benigno "noynoy" Aquino in the U.S. didn't end without a controversy after the Philippines flag  was displayed upside down during the U.S. Asean summit which signifies that the Philippines is in a state of war.

The Philippine flag indicate a state of war if it is displayed with the red side on top, or on the observer's left when the flag is displayed vertically.


Jack said...

...and our dear president is sitting in front of our Flag!

What a joke!

- Jack -

Lakbay Philippines said...

makikipag giyera ang pinas sa US. lol

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