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Thursday, February 12, 2009

UP Fair 2009 Schedule

The most awaited yearly UP event is here. If you have time this week and simply want to enjoy, drop by UP Diliman’s Sunken Garden for the 2009 UP Fair. Band performances, booths, bazaars, and a horde of other things await you.

Here’s the schedule of this week’s UP Fair.

February 9 (Monday) - EUFAIRIA by Delta Pi Omicron Sorority and Indios Bravos Multimedia presents
Rico Blanco with performances by Slapshock, Queso, Intolerant, Razorback, Typecast, Markus Highway, Hilera, Reklamo, Franco, Stonefree, Chubibo, Brigada, Badburn, Dissent, Sin, Manila Bus, Peligro, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, Meat Balls, Falling at Zero Degrees.

February 10 (Tuesday) - ROCKULTURA by the UP Engineers and Men for College and Country (EMC2) Fraternity presents
Pupil, Urbandub, Sandwich, 6cyclemind, Chicosci, Queso, Itchyworms, Greyhoundz, Imago, Cambio, Mayonnaise, Join the Club, Zelle, Callalily, Soapdish, Pedicab, Datu’s Tribe, Markus Highway, The Wudz, Silent Sanctuary, Menaya, Archipelago, Intolerant, Nicty Nasty, Paraluman, Peryodiko, Kelevra, South Superhighway.

February 11 (Wednesday) - AMPLIFIED by Alpha Sigma Fraternity presents
Parokya Ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Slapshock, Queso, Urbandub, Chocosci, Typecast, Moonstar88, The Youth, Blue Boy Bites Back, Machine Gun Poetry, Feedback, The Ambassadors, The Out Of Body Special, Franco, Nyctinasty, Salamin, Hansom, Diary of My Last Days, United By Fate, The Haneps, Crudeoz, I-Ray, Eternal Now, Luzia, Look Out Kid, Liquid Courage, Makarel, Jejaview, Made For Midnight Movies.

February 12 (Thursday) - RAMBOL by UP Brotherhood of the Filipinos 1955 (aka Pinoy ‘55) presents
Sponge Cola, Grin Department, Join the Club, Urbandub, Greyhoundz, Typecast, Pupil, Brownman Revival, 6cyclemind, Imago, Hilera, Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project, Paraluman, Giniling Festival, Mayonaise, Cambio, The Ambassadors.

February 13 (Friday) - LOVERAGE by UP Pan Xenia Fraternity and UP Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority in cooperation with UP Circuit and UP Cursor presents
Bamboo with performances by Sugarfree, Urbandub, Kjwan, Itchyworms, Greyhoundz, Raorkback, Typecast, Moonstar88, Silent Sanctuary, Kitchie Nadal, Stonefree, Mayonnaise, Cambio, Hilera, Soapdish, Giniling Festival, DeLara, Valley of Chrome, Fuse, Zelle, Salamin, Fuerzza, Chubibo, Top Junk, Intolerant, Menaya, Playphonics, Sopiz, Kelevra. Fireworks at midnight.

February 14 (Saturday) - MEANT FAIR EACH OTHER by the University Student Council presents
Taken by Cars, Callalily, Sandwich, Paraluman, Duster, Reklamo, Soapdish.

Rock on!

Tickets are for P90.00 per night and available at the venue and with the sponsoring organizations.

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