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Friday, February 20, 2009

Candace get eliminated in Survivor : Toncantins

Candace is out of Survivor Toncantins. Timbira got defeated by the Jalapao tribe in a physical water basketball immunity challenge in a 3:2 score. Timbira first take the lead but jalapao manage to even the score, 2:2 and then taking the win.

My favorite castaway Sierra was sure that she'll be eliminated because she and brendan failed to find the hidden immunity Idol but luckily coach and Candace have a little nasty argument and both dislike each other so they began a campaign to eliminate the other. Coach emerge succesful as Candace get eliminated in Timbira Tribe first Tribal Council by a large margin.

I'm damn glad Sierra is safe. For now, so I hope she can find the hidden immunity idol because she is still regarded as the weakest membe of their tribe.

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