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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kakashi is DEAD!

"On the cusp of death a dying man makes his last wish"

Shall we say goodbye to Sharingan Kakashi? is he really dead? that's some of the question left hanging in the naruto manga chapter 424 where kakashi is shown lying in the ground, making his dying wish and seeking forgiveness from obito for not able to be his eye anymore and for failing to protect Rin(it confirms that Rin is dead).

Sharingan kakashi Hatake with his father White Fang of Konoha, Sakumo Hatake

Naruto manga chapter 425 shown Kakashi talking to his Father, who mysteriously committed suicide when he was young. well he's not dead yet(I hope), and the scene in page 4, which shown a piece of mask fallen from Pein' hell realm migth means couple of things like; Pein will take over kakashi's body, or kakashi had made some last second ninja tecnique to save his life.

well, whatever it is? we have to wait for the next chapter!

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maria said...

believe that kakashi is still alived... because masashi said that he will become the 6th hokage but its not yet true but i hope it is.. maybethe reason naruto can't sense kakashi chakra because he's unconscious and maybe he's alived by tsunade gives her chakra to her and don't forget that katsuyu is still there

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