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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brain two sides: Right or Left - which side are you?

Brain is a major organ of the central nervous system, controlling all bodily activities. It is divided down in the middle into two sides. These sides are called the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere

Look at the picture on the right(dont focus on the shadowy image of a nude woman but its movement).

If you see it moving clockwise, it is most likely that you use your right brain more and theres a huge chance that your a left-handed. people who often use there right brain also called non-verbal thinking or strongly visual, and often regarded as more creative. If you see it moving counter-clockwise its means that your left brain is dominant and according to studies, 95 to 97% of left-brained people are right-handed. language functions such as grammar and vocabulary often are lateralized to the left hemisphere of the brain and most likely that you are not good in numbers and have poor mental arithmetic skills.

but it doesn't mean that one side of brain are better than the other half. there is no right or wrong here; it's merely two different ways of thinking.
Left hemisphere functionsRight hemisphere functions
numerical computation (exact calculation, numerical comparison, estimation)
left hemisphere only: direct fact retrieval
numerical computation (approximate calculation, numerical comparison, estimation)
language: grammar/vocabulary, literallanguage: intonation/accentuation, prosody, pragmatic, contextual
From Wikipedia

Quizes to determine what side of the brain you use more.
Right Brain / Left Brain Quiz for Artists
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
Left Brain Right Brain Quiz for Teens
Hemispheric Dominance Inventory Test


MrValdez said...

I see it moving clockwise at first. And then I concentrate enough times and I *swear* I was able to make it animate counter-clockwise.

Do I have control on both sides of my brain? am I left-brainded (I'm right-handed, btw)? or is it just because I got the amazing telekenetic and psychic power to make that GIF file animate anyway I want (very likely)?

Also, nudity!

PAJAY said...

Nice post...

i see it moving clockwise aswell but while im reading the text it seem to move counter-clockwise..

...maybe i should try it again......

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