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Thursday, August 28, 2008

so this is the resolve...questions of the heart ^_^

well a lot of things has been said before we broke off, a lot of people we're hurt...so we totally didnt close our doors, she wants to keep the communication open..but i dont know how i feel about this..because, yeah she told me she still loves me and she said "i love you naman eh...anu ka ba...nagiisa ka lng sa puso ko....kung hindi ikaw mapapangasawa ko mas gugustuhin ko pang tumandang dalaga..." or so she says...i dont know anymore,. i dont know what to expect, i dont know what to do...i wanted to court her again but i think its too early.. she told me this morning that shes enjoying her freedom...so i dunno..shes in the choir, the theatre guild, and the representative for nursing, so she wont have time for me anymore. this is why we we're fighting to begin with.. the time...the thing is given i can give her my complete and total trust, given that i can be cool with everything..i mean not being the priority...if this is the type of relationship she wants now, then i cant give her my all, cause right now, i wouldnt think she deserves to be my everything...but i do know that i love her so much..so im confused.. if ever we become together again then ill prolly not love her the way that i used to love her...and i dont want that..i want her to love me the way i love her..is it not fair for me to ask that?...owell, i guess i gotta learn. i dont know what to do..but i assure you guys..the girl that can love me the way i want to be loved, i will really give my everything to her. and prolly marry her hahahah..i really wanted ella to be the one though..and its not too late, but everyday shes enjoying without me, the more i loose hope...

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