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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i miss her...

i cant hide the fact that its over..my road to happiness is not a smooth road anymore but a crooked one full of potholes...i couldnt imagine at first life without her..then again i still cant..its hard letting go of someone you love,someone you gave your all to...but then again i really dont want to..honestly speaking i dont know what happend, what went wrong, all i know is push came to shove then IT happend...i was mad, selfish, and abnormal at that time. i guess when a person is mad they tend to do a lot of stupid things that they would regret in the later run...i cant take her off my mind..i keep thinking if shes happy or if shes even thinking of me...i dont know anymore...i just dont...but i love her so much..i miss her so much..i cant stop my feelings..but i know i have to give her space, a little time to think, a little time to realize how much she needs me, how much she misses me (haha wishful thinking) shes the only girl i completely took my ego out of the door and begged her to comeback...this isnt me..then iagain, i dont know who i am already...all i know is that im inlove with her..but you know what..come to think of it, the last few days of our relationship wasnt a happy one, i always complained cause she wasnt giving me enough time..not texting too much..not as into the relationship as i was..she did a couple of stupiud things, and so did i..but i dont know...maybe it wasnt meant to be..but i want to make our relationship work..i really do..but can i self sacrifice all the time?..maybe the days that ill disappear would make her realize that she really does love me..and that she'll love me enough to be the girl of my dreams? (Again wishfull thinking).. well we'll see what'll happen..ill give her something this friday and ill see whats up...but i huess im kinda ready already for the inevitable..i hope not though..

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