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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy & Roadkill on Bubble Gang

I'm an avid subscriber of Moymoy Palaboy who make lip sync videos of popular songs along with his best buddy Roadfill on youtube. they are very hilarious and fun to watch. so i'm not so surprise seeing them on The philippines long running TV sitcom "Bubble Gang" segment "IyoTube(Your Tube)" doing two of their most poopularvideo on youtube, Wannabe and Ordertaker. The lead actors of the show Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid also announce that moymoy and roadfill will be a regular cast of bubble gang.

Congrats fellow palaboys and good luck! Make your Mama Proud(Moymoy's Mother(I think) always appeared at the background of their videos).

Original Video of Wannabee

Original Video of Ordertaker

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