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Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Inlove

Diary Entry #1

there comes a time in ones life that you'll have this "ohh shit im so in-love moment.." where you actually find yourself desperately thinking about this girl, that you can honestly say "yes..she is the one i wanna spend my whole life with..." its some kind of feeling that you just cant explain.. i've been blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, sweet, caring, devoted, loving, loyal, charismatic, modest...(the list can go on..but going back) girl who loves me for who i am, the plain, full of imperfections ME. its hard to find someone who would bring out the best in you, who you find yourself so desperately in-love with, who the more you're together, the more love you would feel. its just hard you know?.. and there she is.. all people have imperfections, but when you love the person, you see past those imperfections and you only see the best in them.. the real them.. their souls even..
I see no flaws with her. and maybe that goes to show what love is for me. for the most part "i love you" is such a word that all people can say but less people can show.. i've been one of those people before, but now i find myself in such a vortex of a feeling that i feel at anytime i can internally com bust.. theres so much feeling i have for HER that sometimes its just too scary, hence me being the jealous type, who finds it so difficult to trust her..i admit its a wrong doing but this is whats happening right now and i just cant help feeling these emotions.. especially for my type, the "PDA, Touchy feely type" who cant help showing how i feel..its wrong i know but when im in-love with someone, im not scared to let the whole world know how i feel and to what extent i can do for my girl..but shes not like that..and i have to respect her the way i figured, i need to accept the fact that theres nothing in this world thats perfect..no perfect relationship, no perfect partner, everything in life is full of imperfections.. you can be happy at one time and then so depressed at the other..sometimes it just sickens me. but even in this world thats filled with imperfections, is sprinkled with THE perfect moments that you'll come to realize that the world has its beauty aswell..i can honestly say that she means the world to me, that i dont want to live without her by my side.. this is me when im in-love..the give-it-all freaky guy type hahaha well peace out till the next entry.

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