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Monday, July 21, 2008

Meeting the Family

Diary Entry #3

Love is really a funny thing,no matter how different you are to each other, no matter the difference in your upbringing, love can be really be a powerful medium in life that bridges gaps,where 2 people become one, where 2 people, from different cultures, even in different lifestyles can still be together and be proud on having each other.

It came to the part of our relationship that i had to meet the family so to speak, mind you i already met the dads side and they we're great,now was the time to meet the mothers side ^_^, so we went there. there i realized a lot of things, experienced different kinds of people, new foods, new experiences. But in this trip, i can honestly say, i was shocked by their culture,they were,uhm happy..they were so many people of different age groups that was just to much for me to comprehend. they we're all very accommodating though, but i really was culture shocked to the point where my shyness took over me, i couldn't speak, i could only watch them, and smile at them. it was the very first time i felt so out-of-place..I'm really not accustomed to being exposed to a lot of people.. but this being the people who my hun loves, so its automatic that i already love them, even those who i have never met yet. i guess when your truly in-love with someone then that's what happens.

over-all i did a very lousy job,it was a new experience for me which really humbled me a lot. like i said, my shyness took over me so i didn't become the normal jolly happy go lucky me. But im glad to meet them, I'm happy that she let me meet them. and i cant wait to meet the rest of them ^_^.

The feelings i have for her is growing stronger and stronger to the point that it really scares me a lot already, but I'm glad to take the journey to happiness with her, i couldn't have asked for a better partner than her. though different in every way,its our love and willingness that bridges the gap between us. we are equal, even though we can put different things to the table, i still honestly believe that what one lacks, the other has. and if both doesn't have then you just need to compromise and make things work. that's love.

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