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Friday, June 27, 2008

Philippine's Best Dance Crew

I'm a big fan of Randy Jackson Presents American Best Dance Crew, Especially the 1st Season Winner Jabbawokeez.

Season 2 promise to bring more action, breakdancing and thrill on the dance floor and they prove that on their first week as crew's such as Super Cr3w, boogie Bots and So Real crew which is my favorite crews so far show how dance should be done this days. And do not count out Jabbawockeez adversary Supreme Soul, their a bit cocky but they're one of the crew to watch in this ABDC season 2.

Super Crew
The other crews that will show their dance skills and will prove that they are worthy to be called america's best dance crew are: asiid, Presh Select, Sassx7, Fanny Pak, Extreme Dance Sport and Distorted X(they have eliminated last week).

Supreme Soul

Why Title my post Philippine Best Dance Crew?

Because there are at least one Filipino on every Crew and the last season champion, Jabbawokeez also had Filipinos. Well, that not surprising because dancing is one of the Filipino Heritage and everyone in the Philippines know how to dance as we Filipino say it "nasa dugo na yan" (it's in our blood), excluding me. I love dancing so much but I guess our relationship is one sided, lol.

go Pinoy!!!

All Filipino crew, Boogie Bots.

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