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Friday, March 22, 2013

500 nurses needed in germany this year 2013

Germany will hire at least 500 nurses and health care workers this year.

 The Philippine government and German government signed a new agreement for the deployment of Filipino medical workers to various German hospitals.

Successful applicant will receive about P100,000 monthly salary and will enjoy conditions similar to the those accorded to their German counterparts. “They will also have compulsory insurance in the German social security system, such as health and long-term care insurance, pension, accident, and unemployment insurance. German employers must also provide them adequate accommodation.

Necessary orientations, and language trainings for applicants will be funded by a German institute in Manila.

In a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs, however, initial implementation will apply to placement of Filipino nurses with a working history in Germany in the 1970s.

“I can assure that the Filipino nurses will share the same rights and the same payment in Germany as the German nurses do. The German law enforces that we do not differentiate between national and foreign workers. We are very much looking forward to have the Filipino nurses here (in Germany),” said Dr. Leyen.

The bilateral labor agreement covers the following areas of cooperation between the two countries: a) regulation on the deployment of Filipino health care professionals; b) preservation, promotion, and development of Filipino workers’ welfare; c) exchange of ideas and information with the aim of improving and simplifying job placement procedures; and d) other relevant technical and HRD cooperation and continuing studies in labor and employment. 

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