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Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas in The Philippines is the most celebrated holidays. Usually preparation for Christmas season in the Philippines begins as early as the month of September where Radio and Television show started playing Christmas Carols and Filipinos begin decorating their house for Christmas.

Here are some unique tradition and things that show Filipinos unique way of Celebrating Christmas.

Parol: Christmas Lantern

The parol is the classic symbol of Pasko (Christmas). It’s basically a five-point star, hung with tails or tassels sprouting from the bottom two points. Materials used in making this range from thin wooden sticks and colorful paper, to steel frames with shell or glass with matching electronic lights. Aside from this common ornament, most Filipinos decorate their homes and workplaces to show their holiday spirit.

Belen: Nativity Scene

Catholicism is still the dominant religion in the Philippines, although a lot of strong challengers are around. For Catholics, Christmas is not complete without the belen, depicting the scene of Jesus Christ’s birth. Everything is there; the manger and infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three kings and their donkeys, shepherds, and barn animals topped with an angel and a four-point star. Some churches even hold a small celebration for placing the infant in the manger during the Christmas Eve mass.

Puto Bumbong: Native Rice Dessert

Hands down, this is my favorite kakanin or type of rice cake. Topped with shaved coconut, brown sugar and lots of butter, this purple rice cake is best enjoyed piping hot. It’s traditionally enjoyed as a treat after hearing dawn masses (read more below), but you can have it any time you want.

Simbang Gabi: Misa De Gallo(Midnight Mass)

It’s considered good luck to be able to hear the dawn masses nine times in a row for the nine days before Christmas. Doing this also qualifies you to make a free wish! Most people come with their family and friends (or at least those who manage to wake up at 3 or 4 AM). The atmosphere is very Christmassy and happy.

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JonDmur said...

Na miss ko na ang Christmas sa Pinas... naalala ko lang sa tuwing nagsisimba kami di nawawala ang puto bumbong...

Nice post ^_^

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