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Friday, April 27, 2012

Signs that you're a Filipino

You're a Pinoy if...

  1. You eat with your hand.
  2. You Points with your lips.
  3. You eat rice every meal.
  4. You use “po” or “opo” when talking to older people.
  5. You know how to ride the Jeepney.
  6. You kiss on the cheek or bless (Mano Po) to greet elders.
  7. You eat balot (duck embryo).
  8. You shout “hoy” when calling someone.
  9. You memorize Korean song even you don’t understand its meaning.
  10. You spend hours at starbucks.
  11. You hit your friend at the back of your head if you see “bald man” or “Beetle car” and say “Pendong”.
  12. You prefer to buy cellphone load than buy foods even your hungry.
  13. You answer “hoy ka rin” when someone called you “hoy”.
  14. You nod your head or raise your eyebros when you greet someone.
  15. You reason “traffic kasi” when your late.
  16. You always make “tawad” when you’re buying things.
  17. You offer foods or drinks to your visitors.
  18. You have a relative called “Tito boy” or “Tita Baby”.
  19. You unwrap gifts carefully so you can re-use the wrapping again.
  20. You always leave your shoes or slippers at the door when entering other home.
  21. You have a photo of dogs playing billiards on your dining room.
  22. You have a big wooden fork and spoon display on your house.
  23. You have a neighbour who likes to talk about other people (Tsismoso/Tsismosa).
  24. You say “open” or “close” the light instead of “on” or “off”.
  25. You say “Kodakan” instead of take picture.
  26. You start with “actually” when you’re trying to explain something.
  27. You say “you know” when your speaking English and you don’t know what to say next.
  28. You own a videooke, karaoke or magic sing.
  29. You have saint statue in your living room.
  30. There’s a” pail” on your bathroom.
  31. There’s a “Tabo” in your pail in the bathroom.
  32. You refer to politician and cops as “Buwaya”(Crocodile).
  33. You know someone with a name that repeat itself, i.e. Noy-Noy,Beng-beng, bong-Bong.
  34. Older people call you “Totoy” or “Nene”.
  35. You say “Colgate” instead of toothpaste in the store.
  36. You say “wag bata ka pa” when someone say “I’ll go first”.
  37. You’re either a “Kapamilya”,”Kapuso” or ”Kapatid” on your TV channel preference.
  38. You have a portrait of “Last Supper” hanging in your wall.
  39. You collect items from restaurant and hotels as “souveniers”.
  40. Your diplomas and Graduation picture are displayed on your living room wall.
  41. You use your finger to measure the water when cooking rice.
  42. You play pusoy, tong-its or majhong.
  43. You say “pampers” instead of “diapers”.
  44. You were punished by kneeling on “Mongo” or “Rock Salt”.
  45. You eat meals at the kitchen.
  46. You turn around when someone yell “Psst”.
  47. You eat Dinuguan(Pork Blood Soup).
  48. You eat mangga with Bagoong.
  49. You use shopping bag as garbage bags.
  50. You always use toothpick after meal.
  51. You cover your mouth when you’re picking your tooth.
  52. You eat pandesal(Salt bread) for breakfast.
  53. You dip your Pandesal on your morning coffee.
  54. You wash and re-use plastic utensils and Styrofoam cups.
  55. You have a relative who works as seaman or work abroad.
  56. You have balikbayan box when you travel aboad.
  57. You hang your clothes to dry.
  58. You use detergent soup to wash the dishes.
  59. You use a rock to scrub when taking bath.
  60. You have a walis / walis tambo in your home.

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