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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tips: How to invite all your friends in Facebook to your page, group and event

 Source : www.comptalks.com

When you create a facebook page or a group or an event you need users who will be a part of that page. Normally , when we start a event or a fan page we invite our facebook friends to join that Facebook page or the group. You want to invite all your friends in Facebook to your fan page ,but you can’t do that as you have to select each and every person individually. So, we are giving you a method to invite all friends in facebook to your page,event or group .

We will be using Google Chrome to solve this problem ,so please ensure that you have Google Chrome installed in your computer .

So, here are the steps to invite all friends :

1. Download this Google Chrome extension .
2. Open Facebook and go to the page where you want to invite your friends .
3. Click on “Suggest to Friends”
4. Now you will get something like toggle all in the suggestion box .
5. Click on the Toggle all button and all friends are selected .
6. Invite all of them .
This extension adds a toggle all tab to the Suggest Friends box. Install it from here .

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