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Saturday, December 4, 2010

America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 starts april 2011


MTV announce that Randy Jackson Present's America's Best Dance Crew season 6 is scheduled to premiere April 2011 with casting underway in January.

Quest Crew

Its a good news to all hip-hop dance fans and dance crews as the ABDC dance Stage are now set again to find the next group of aspiring dance crews and showcase their innovative moves for a once in a lifetime chance to be the next America's best dance crew.

Filipino-Americans dance crews are awaits for the ABDC's new season for they will have a chance to showcase their talent once again and follow the footstep of  previous winner like Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew and Poreotix where as majority of their members has Filipino Descents.

Ltst of Filipino Dance Crew who wins ABDC's and list of their Filipino Members
  • JabbaWockeeZ ABDC season 1 Champions
    • Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio
    • Chris "Cristyles" Gatdula
    • Phil " Swaggerboy/SB" Tayag
    • Joe "Emajoenation/Punkee" Larot
    • Randy "Wish One" Bernal
    • Mark John "Bok" Garcia

  • Super Cr3w ABDC season 2 Champions
    • Ronnie "Ronnie Boy" Abaldonado
    • Angelito “Vex” Casal
    • RJ "Rockadile" Puno
  • SoReal Cru ABDC season 2 Runner-ups
    • Ailyn "eye candy" Isidro
    • Andrew "Goodfoot" Baterina
    • Brian Puspos
    • Brian Fucanan
    • Jackie Lautchang
    • Mark Fucanan
  • Quest Crew ABDC season 3 Champions
    • Dominic Sandoval "D-Trix"
    • Ryan Conferido "Ryanimay"
    • Brian Hirano
    • Aris Paracuelles
    • Super Cr3w
  • Poreotix ABDC season 5 Champions
    • Lawrence "Law" Devera
    • Chad Mayate
    • Justin "Jet Li" Valles
  • Hype 5-0 ABDC season 5 Third Place
    • Allen-Charles "Brain" Pascual
    • Brittnie "Britazzle" Aguilar
    • Jonathan Ramones
    • Joshua "Hazmat" Ulep
    • Marc "DueyNutz" Duey

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Michael said...

Season 4 third placers "Massive Monkeys" also has members with Filipino descent.

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