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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Carlos Celdran on Damaso protest at Manila Cathedral

 Popular tour guide, artist and commercial model Carlos Celdran was freed Friday after his family posted a 6,000 peso bail.

Carlos Celdran  was arrested after disrupting a mass at the Manila Cathedral on Thursday, September 30, as he held up a sign bearing the word “Damaso”—referring to the villainous Spanish friar in Jose Rizal's novel “Noli Me Tangere.” He also shouted to Manila's archbishop, saying that they should stop meddling in politics. He was arrested and currently in jail for “offending religious feelings.” I call it a dose of their own medicine. 

During a TV interview after his release, “I apologize for being rude. But it was necessary for me to be rude,” said he adding, “I am sorry for the method I used, but I am not sorry for the message I made.”

 Celdran also said he has been an advocate of reproductive health and HIV prevention and that he has hundreds of condoms always available in his car to give away to taxi drivers, vendors, pedicab drivers, tourist customers etc.

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