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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Demonoid Invitation code Giveaway 2

I'm able to generate 2 more invitation code so i'm giving it away to people who requested for it on my previous post.

today recipients are:


Since so many people are looking for a demonoid invitation code, i'm gonna giveaway every invitation code I generate so to those interested please post a comment and don't forget to put your email address.


J. Luis said...

I'm interested in a demonoid invitation. My email is rummikub@gmail.com.

Thank you and regards from Spain.

Reggie Johns said...

please send a code to:



Paul Walker said...

I would love a demonoid code. My email is
WalkerP at gmail.com


Bizzy said...

I would be very grateful for an invite code please. Biztastic83@gmail.com

LanEvoIII said...

Would also love an invitation code.



Dr Burning said...

I love music, love to share and hate all BS in publi trackers, so, I need demonoid!


Tommy said...


Ozan Safi said...

hi can I get an invite please?
ozansafi [at] gmail.com

Xavier said...

Please, I want one!!!

Neil said...

It would be great if you could send me an invite when you get the chance.


I would appreciate it.

john said...

hey dude..... please do mail me an invite code.... been waiting an waiting... missed it during june wen they opened.... ma mail id is iamhaute@gmail.com!
promise ya tat i wont get ya into trouble! ;)

Miguel said...

I'd like a code. philo.pharynx@sbcglobal.net

brent said...

i have a demonoid invitation code any one want it .

Julie said...

I would love a code. unbridled1 @ gmail.com

Troy said...

i would like a code please ;)


CometaRossa said...

I'm interested too
my email is cometarossa@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hoy pare dito...qalude@yahoo.com

Anand said...

Please Please Please send me an invitation code on anand6785@rediffmail.com, I'm in a dire need of one

Thanks for the kindful person in advance

Sean said...

i would LOVE one of these codes, and would be eternally grateful! my email is llcoolek@gmail.com

mario said...

please give me a demonoid invitation. my email is coolmario1@gmail.com
thank u very much.

madscientist said...

me! i would love to have an invite, thanks. digitallyimported@hotmail.com

FAT NUTZ said...

dude thanks really need it:


Tess said...

Been trying for almost two years for an invite. I would really appreciate it.

Konceptz said...

<3 if you could help me out.


Kris said...

Please, Please, Please send me an invitation code. I have been trying for 2 1/2 yrs with no success. Been scammed everytime, please pass along an invitation code.


Anonymous said...

I will seed the fuck out of my account, if you give me an invitation code that is. I'm gonna make sure I reach a 1.5 on a regular basis. 2+ on my PC overuse days. Heck to whatever ratio as long as my PC is on. my email adds are: rewysten@gmail.com

Hope you give 'em soon. I need my comic book fix. Thanks.

Balu said...


Five new Demonoid Codes were posted at http://electromice.blogspot.com/2010/01/demonoid-invitation-codes-jan-2010-part.html

Hurry to get one for you.

If you're late, don't be panic. Post your request as comment with you mail ID there and wait for a day. Surely you will receive code or atleast a reply from the blog's administrator.

There is much more members registered through this blog's Giveaway.


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