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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Entrecard Market at a glance

Entrecard recently release its new feature Entrecard market. In Entrecard Market you can shop or sell any goods and service like blog advertisement, drop a card, reviews, comments, comics, gift certificates and almost anything in exchange for Entrecard Credits(EC).

I want to test how Entrecard Market work so I place ads for a blog link and 3 days drop.
For a price of 100 EC I will add your blog into my blog links and I will also drop a card in your blog for 3 consecutive days. well I hope its work and make me earn few EC so I can go shopping til I drop in the Entrecard Market.

For those unfamiliar with Entrecard, here are some important info about Entrecard.

Entrecard is a new innovative blog advertising network where blog owners can exchange advertising on each others web sites. The advertising model is built on a daily basis which means that you buy the ad spot on a selected blog for one day.

Entrecard Credits(EC) - is entrecard currency. you earn EC everytime a blogger drop a card on your blog, buy adverts on your entrecard adspace or if they click on your advertiser.

How to spend EC? i'm just new in Entrecard but I already receive some message selling their EC for real life dollars but of course one of the best way to spend your EC is go shopping at the Entrecard Market.

So what are you waiting for join Entrecard now and go shopping crazy at the Entrecard Market.


BOGCESS said...

Hi! You have nice content here. Care to exchange links? Kindly add my blog then let me know so I can add you aswell.


ramica said...

you might want to read about entrecard market:whre bloggers shop, intreact with market people, and how entrecard works at http://www.ramica-ideas.com/2009/10/23/entrecard-market-bloggers-shop/

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