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Monday, August 4, 2008

Titanic is unsinkable.... until the Dark Knight?

Titanic is the all time top grosser movie earning $600 Million in the US alone. But will the Dark Knight Sink the Titanic? Because of the strong performance TDK in the box office and for setting the highest opening day grosser, then topping the 1st week all time top grosser many are predicting that the Dark Knight might sink the colossal ship out of its throne. well let just wait and see...

These are some of the record that TDK set.

It is the highest opening day grosser! With a total of $67,165,092!

The Dark knihgt is the highest opening weekend grosser.

It earned $158,411,483 in 1 week !

$7 million more than Spiderman 3 and $23 million than Pirates 2!

  • It is the Top 3 day grosser
  • It is the Top 4 day grosser
  • It is the Top 5 day grosser
  • It is the Top 6 day grosser
  • It is the Top 7 day grosser
  • It is the Top 8 day grosser
  • It is the Top 9 day grosser
  • It is the Top 10 day grosser
Top grosser in 3 straight week(as of august 3, 2008).

It is the fastest film to reach

  • $100 million
  • $150 million
  • $200 million
  • $250 million
  • $300 million

As of August 3, 2008 The Dark kngiht earned $470,984,300 worldwide which, $394,887,000 in the US alone.

1 comment:

oliboy said...

just hope it topples titanic in the end...

titanic's been up there for a long time already...

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