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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Love is like? (Ragnarok Online skills or item)

i'm browsing the forum of my former ragnarok online guild and found this valentine season discussion about comparing love into a Ragnarok skill.
(Dedicated to pRO-vakyrie server Reclusion guild. "miss u guyz")

Love is like Mammonite, you've got to spend money to hit your target! -Aveda

Love is like stone curse, when she's near, you become petrified like a rock! -Aveda

love is like a STORMGUST.. for the coldhearted like me.

love is like powerthrust! there's a chance to break your heart.... XD

Love is like Magnus exorcismus, pag demon ka, deads ka! (bad ka lagut ka haha!)

Love is like Sanctuary, it heals everyone except undead hahaha! korni!

Love is like Jupitel Thunder, when it hits you. youl'll be totally swept off your feet!

Love is like a [1]Rosary... full of beads hahaha

Love is like Suffra One's you POPPED you cant stop..


Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like im alive
- Incubus(love hurts) XD

e2 na ung naiisip kong pamatay eh,,,--> love is like chaos curse,, because love moves in mysterious ways WAHAHAHHAHAHA

Stmb type
for me love is blind Lord Of Vermillion kita dyan ee ewan q lng di ka mabulag

love is like a Vigor Explosion.. when the scene gets hot.. u know happens next

LOVE is like SCREAM. Nakakahilo. LOL


LOVE is also a BLESSING.

bkt? na love at "TRUE SIGHT" k b?bwahaha korny! XD-deep

Love is like Resu, it can bring back a dead heart to life.

P resu Po pls! nyahahaha! -aveda

love is like lex aeterna....pag na lex ka at tinira ka double damage... ITS HURtS

parang babae, pag nakita mo li2gawan mo then babastidin kalng nya double damge^^ stm

love is like a DS u can hurt a person even she or he is too far a distance pak shiet! it hurts men. .

love is like play dead kc pag nagbreak kau dedma na kau sa isa't isa

Love is like a trap. You cant move on for a while but eventually you'll learn to move forward and let go -aveda

LOVE is like a SLOW we you fell inlove everything will put you in slow mo.. haha..-emz

Love is like heal.. HEART KCE ICON NYA ^^ -sicc

Love is like Heavens drive it sets ur property on fire! hahaha-aveda

Love is like a Savage Bebe..

mataba man minsan sa pagmamahal..
baboy naman kung paglaruan mo lng..-infa

Love is not an inFatuation, it is a great feeling, a luxurious one.
kaya kayo magkaaway! >.<

love is like cloaking.. u dont know if its there.. pag nandyan nga.. YARI KA!!! -sinned

Love is like a hammerfall, once na ma stun qa mahirap na magicing parang pag ibig din noh pag tumama sau ay nakuh ewan q na lang.. ahahah - rednaxela

love is like RO pwedeng kang maloko^^(Chicksilog)

Love is Like ASURA STRIKE !
it Hurts-sicc

love is like Lex Divina..

coz u say it best.. when u say nothing at all


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cloverbhearz16 said...

Love is like +9muffler[1] pag nabreak IYAK!!! ^^, ~BoGaRt~

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