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Sunday, August 10, 2008

ever wonder if eat bulaga will ceased on television??

Do you ever wonder if eat bulaga would be removed or ban for television. or rather joey de leon would not just be suspended but be removed from any other shows??

it would mean life is lacking, somehow the lives of the filipino people and even those who critisize him will be left no meaning.

ever wonder why those who sucks at making themselves notice boast of something that they lack.

i'm reffering to the show wowowee, they sure gives money greater than our very own eat bulaga but do they have "humor"?; Other than being lousy and those dirty jokes?

Ever noticed that those who opposed somehow tends to copy those on the top and pretend that they idolize them,...just giving some runts

so ever wonder why are they desperate to win over veterans and those who conquered the heats of many filipinos through legal and sensible humor than being a copy cat?

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